Copying expressions in Do A Search for constraints plus chaining expressions should work

Hey guys,

I am not sure if I am doing sth wrong, but so far I cannot have the following

Condition 1
Expression A

Condition 2
Expression B

Condition 3 (chain Expression A and B)
Copy Expression A + AND + (more) + Copy Expression B —> doesnt work. Expression B replaces expression A although I want to chain it with AND operator.

If I do a Search For and add an Expression A to a constrain, I cannot copy Expression A to another constrain in other Search For.


Can you give some examples on the conditions and expressions so I can try to help you.

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Hey sam,

Thanks for replying.

I managed to get around it by just copying the entire expressions and then editing them.

But to illustrate the issue, have a look at the screenshot. In the WHEN condition, you cannot do index's EventTypes-List-Options:each items's Display:count > 0 … then add AND operator and PASTE EXPRESSION since it will delete the index's EventTypes-List-Options:each items's Display:count > 0 part

Yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about here – It’s painful – You try to delete the first “Search for Events” … and wham, it deletes the entire thing instead of just the first piece. So chaining “intersect with” and “and” and “or” statements turns into a nightmare if you have to delete one item within the expression!

I run into this frequently. I thought this would be solved with the new parentheses expression… however, still exists.


There is another post having the similar problem. Thinking in a logical way it works, but here it does not chain the condition by a ‘AND’ or ‘OR’. It is an annoying problem.

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