Copying Full pages from another project

I am new to bubble and I am trying to build a cad for my RP group. I made a cad from scratch however there is a few pages I would like to copy from the current one we own now. how do you copy or transfer entire pages? thank you!

Hi @kcostlg2

Essentially you’ll want to make sure that the same data types exist on the new app, you can actually right click and copy data types directly over to the new app. Another thing to check for is any custom states you have directly on the page. I’d suggest having 2 tabs up with the different apps up side by side.

You’ll want to do the data types first, plus custom states, then move onto page elements, workflows and conditions - this can be done in one swoop. Go to the page, click the ‘Edit’ option in the top toolbar and then click ‘Select all’. You’ll notice that elements on the page will be selected/highlighted.

Next back under the ‘Edit’ menu, click the option ‘Copy with workflows’. This will copy all elements with the elements, conditions and associated workflows. Then on the new app’s page go back into the ‘Edit’ menu option and then clicking the ‘Paste with workflows’ option.

You may get some errors that need re-assigning to the relevant elements, data types or workflows - its not a perfect measure, but saves the re-build process.

This page might be kinda relevant of the process required to copy from one place to another, whether its new page or into another app’s new page:

See - How can I use/transfer this template to another app?


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