Coronavirus Bubble project launched

Hey Bubble folks, a friend and I built this over the weekend to help people list and add gift card links to local restaurants in their area. Would love any feedback/bugs you spot, and feel free to add your favorite restaurants! Thanks


Great initiative, @brentsum!
You could probably extend this to more brick&mortar businesses at some point.

I really think that a lot of them are in trouble right now.

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thanks and totally agree, I can see this being movie theaters, hardware stores, shops, etc.

Hello! How are you?

My name is Emmanuel and I’m a new bubble developer/freelancer.

I’m building my own Coronavirus project aimed at assisting high school graduates figure out how they will adjust to the pandemic lifestyle.

I was wondering how you built the auto complete feature to search for cities. I want to create a hash tag system in my app like in stack overflow. But instead of choosing different coding subjects students can just from pick different topics they are interested in. Can you lend any pointers?

Currently I’m using the free auto search API, and that has a data type called tags as its source. I have a field in it called list of tags, that has a type list of text. I want the search API to auto complete what I type based on this list but I’m not having any success. Can you tell me how you did it?

For the autocompleting cities we relied on the Google Maps API, which also standardized addresses. That made it much easier to auto-create pages based on cities.

I’m not sure how to replicate autocomplete for tags, I’ve had mixed results using the built in Search bar. Sorry I can’t be of more help, maybe someone else has done it recently

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.