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Could Bubble Handle this with its native functionality?

Hey guys. I want to create an app like this:

It is a very simple productivity app.

What it does: it allows the user to add items to the “Master List,” and then add “infinite” sub items to each item. This way, you can plan out your whole life with one list. It appeals mainly to people who don’t function well under the pressure of due dates, and who don’t get much out of pie charts, Gantt charts, etc.

I was wondering if I could create this with Bubble’s native tools, or if I would have to have some part of it written up in Java?

Thanks a ton! Please let me know if you need more information.

Yes, that is certainly something that can be done with Bubble. From glancing at the site, I don’t see any particular issues when recreating the same functionality.

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Good to know, thanks!