Counter of days in to-do list & Count difference of days between dates

Hello everyone, guys, I need help with a task, from the section just a to-do list. (For unfinished tasks whose due date was in the past, change the displayed completion date to “X days ago” in red font to add urgency). How can this be done?

I think one way of doing this is using conditionals tab of the element. Like for the text or button element that is displaying completion date.

In conditional tab define a condition, when current date/time is > than the completion date/time change the text.

like this?

I think yes it is. What is the result?

*What is Date/Time Picker B’s value?

It is current date/time

So why don’t you simply use “current date and time”?

oh, i forgot about this function, sorry, already changed

Is it solved? Please mark the post as solved if it is to help others be able to see the post as solved.

It works, but not fully, can i show difference between current time and completion time?

This was the thread about. And I think it is solved.

This is different from the thread topic. If you want I can change the thread topic for you.

But yes you can show the difference as days between two dates. Completion Date - Due Date formatted as days:celling It will count the days of difference between two dates and be displayed as days (e.g. 20, 30)

Thank you very much, my friend !

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By the way are you participating in the contest, I missed it. I wish I could participate. Telling because the contest was about to build a to-do list. :sob:

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Sorry, the last question, why does he count one day more?

I think it is counting the same day of the set date as well. I don’t know why.
Can you please minus 1 day to see what happens.
Completion Date - Due Date formatted as days -1 :celling

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