Counting items using 2 fields

I have a list of containers coming from CSV and I need to count how many instances (lines of the CSV) already exist in the system as a Container.
I have Container Number and Purchase Order Number as fields both in the Type Container and in the CSV file.

I can’t see how to count them. It would be ok using just 1 field
CSV Lines:filtered (Container No is in Do a search for All Containers)

but I can’t get my head on how to do this with more than 1 field.

In the system, it’s ok for the container to have more than 1 Purchase order, and it’s OK for the Purchase Order to show up in more than 1 container, but I shouldn’t create another container with the same PO, that’s why I want to check if they exist before creating.

Any help with that?

Also, to create the containers from multiple CSV lines, I’m using API to iterate and create each container with the information of each line, but it’s taking forever. Bubble honestly is so bad to do a loop which is basic in coding.

Any thoughts about how to create these things with lines of a CSV without using the API loop?

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