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I have an app where I want users to be able to upload a csv list that will create many single things and attatch them to a “mother list” after they are imported and created (based on my guide on what fields they should have and populate). The single things contains a “label” and " amount" field.

However I cant seem to find the proper workflow to be able to first create the single items that the csv list provides and then add them all to a named list of those things. Bubble only creates 1 item with all names crammed into the name field and the amount it just takes the first sum available.

Has anyone done something (what seems easy in thought) like this before that they can share some knowledge on?

Hope I made the explanation clear enough :slight_smile:


I will dip in the thread and also pose another question which I’ve been wrestling with.

When you select the ‘upload .csv’ and choose thing type… That is what will create the necessary list of the appropriate things… You would add another step in your workflow which would then be add the previous steps list of things to the master thing which has a list field…

Now to my question… I’m pretty sure someone sponsored this function/feature… Whoever it was thank you :slight_smile:

When uploading the CSV file regardless of instruction and guidance to a consumer/user they may well make a faux pas or and simply too many items in the CSV… From what I can tell if there is an issue in the number of items bubble rejects it and understandably so but there doesn’t seem to be an indicator or at least some form of feedback whereas with the column headings there is.

Is there any way to provide a graceful notification if for example there are too many lines in the CSV file

When the list is too long (er, too many rows in the CSV), an in-browser message pops up. Though are you looking for some other action? (Ie. suppress the browser error message and display a custom message).

interesting… I don’t seem to get that notification… ive actually tested it several times on different browsers… I do however get notifications when the heading is incorrectly specified… I shall keep checking thank you

Hmm. For me, I’m using Chrome on Mac (most recent version). Haven’t validated if the error message displays in other browsers.

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is there an update on how to get around this limitation for 100 users, or 1000 on the pro plan? Some kind of workaround at all ?

Unfortunately, no good solutions to offer on my end (at the moment). But I’m hoping for a solution soon. :smiley:

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haha, okay same. What are you currently doing to get around it? I mean… there has to be something better than my users emailing me the file so I can manually upload on the back end… right?

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My “workaround” is by no means elegant.

For users looking to do a larger upload, I have a popup modal that guides them to upload the file (via a fileuploader). In turn, it send me an email with a link to the file and the customer details so I can do the upload through the Bubble editor.

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ok ha, so we are doing the same thing then.

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@dan1 I think I might have a somewhat solution, but I’ll need help understanding if it makes sense.

So, we can “upload” files of any limit, as when we do with the file uploader, it sends the file to amazon s3.

now, we can use another call to confirm this(see screenshot below).

now im stuck at taking the file url, and turning that into a data source to display data?

Thoughts on this?

As much as I’d like to offer a good solution here, I haven’t experimented enough to offer one. (At least not publicly :upside_down_face: )

When time allows, this is something I’m going to explore a bit more…

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