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How to creat a system that counts the items (with a name checking in order to not count an item several times)


I don’t know if it’s clear in the title, but i would like to create a system that count a certain type of thing what the user is typing in an imput field but the trick is that i would like that the system count it only if that the user is typing does not exist already.

Is it possible to make a condition like this in the workflow ?

I did not find it on my own.

Thanks for the help

yes. in the workflow, you need to do a search for your certain thing, make sure the count is 0, and then if thats true add the points.

if you give a real world example (ex. in AirBnb if someone adds a city or something…), i can make a quick demo for you.

Hello thanks for the help

I have been trying to find my way out of this with the information you gave me but i am still stuck.

Can you make a quick demo if you have the time ?

Thank you

i’d be happy to make you a demo, but i don’t fully understand your problem.

please explain exactly what it is you are trying to do, with real world examples if possible, and i can help you better.


So let’s say the user is typing the name of a product and his category in 2 input fields

I would like to create to counting system that allow me to count the number of each product and also the number of each categories (without counting 2 times if it’s the same category)


Product A: Milk (category beverage)

Product B: Orange juice (category beverage)

Product C: Biscuit (category food)

In this example i would like to have the number the different product = 3

And the number of different categories = 2

Does it help you ?

Hey Vincent,

I actually didn’t know how to do this, but I figured it out!

look here

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Hello Ben

Thanks for the help i did not see the function :unique item

no problem! It took some clicking on my part, but glad i could figure it out and help!

Thank you Ben.

It will help.

I did not see the characteristic “:unique element” in the possible formula

Are you asking a question here, or are you saying when you tried this you didn’t see the unique element function?

If you’re asking a question, it’s in the design page of the app linked above, double click the “text categories: repeating” element and you will see it.

It works

Just to say that I did not see it when i was struggling on my own :slight_smile:

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