Udemy Course: Build A Startup with Bubble!

Hey, fellow Bubblers!

I’ve been using Bubble for quite a few months now. Like you, I’ve spent hours with the Bubble team and Bubble Community to help me along the path of figuring out how to exactly harness this magnificent platform. Over the course of those months, I helped a young startup based in Toronto scale their initiatives from local commerce all the way up to a funded SaaS startup. My experience as a designer with early-stage startups for over 4+ years has been tremendous ride. I’ve come to learn many things, one of which is that knowledge is power. Discovering Bubble, the community, and the possibilities led myself to create for this comprehensive and realistically-approached course entitled Build Your Startup (Design, Develop and Ship).

So, who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build the next big thing
  • Investors looking to quickly validate concepts
  • Designers interested in making their work come alive
  • Development beginners who seek to understand SaaS startups
  • Anyone wanting to get into the rapidly-growing world of startups

What will you be learning?

  • Developing with Bubble’s awesome features
  • Structuring data for production and scaling
  • Designing meaningful interfaces and experiences
  • Architecting thorough user flows effectively
  • Integrating external APIs to improve services
  • Deploying to the world and pushing on

This course takes a realistic approach on courses. You’ll learn about how to properly design user interfaces so they make sense, designing logos that people can connect with, establishing ideas that effectively answer market demands, as well as how to engage users post-purchase and more. Those are things you can’t learn in a book, only by experience. That’s why in this course, you’ll be building actual applications with Bubble!

What are some apps we’ll build?

This course has free lifetime updates so you get to build these applications and more:

Ready? Get this course for just $35 (one-time, promise!) with code ‘BUBBLETHIS’ and be on your way.


Wow! this is awesome!


Nice course.
OFF - Who designed those logos, they’re cool!

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The logos are ones I created and come bundled in the course. :slight_smile:

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Just bought the course. Still need it! :slight_smile:

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I just enrolled too. Awesome initiative, I’m really looking forward to the course! :slight_smile:

So thrilled to hear it everyone! Two more apps are headed to the course this week! :slight_smile:

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I like it and its affordable and not too expensive.

Well done!!


@iamsalar: I assume this will be a single course with multiple app updates?

Don’t forget, use code ‘BUBBLETHIS’ to get $15 off - just for the Bubble community. :smiley:

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Absolutely! You pay once to get the course, all resources and lifetime updates!

Great @iamsalar
Just bought the course.
Exactly what I was looking for. New to Bubble, new to Programming. Full speed in the Bubble vision.

Fantastic! This course is for anyone and everyone who wants to harness Bubble in a meaningful way.

I like them all!

Could we take a peek at what each project looks like?

What does the Foodio app do?

You can learn more about Foodio here!

Just finish the Course.
Great work Ali.
I recommand diving in this course for everyone that is new to Bubble like me.
It take the App building with Bubble step by step.
It’s a great complement to the Bubble lessons.
I want more :slight_smile:
Keep up the Great work @iamsalar

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Thank you for the great words!

Two awesome apps are coming to everyone this weekend. Keep it bubbly. :sunny: