Create a call between for populate different fields of tables in the Database

Hi everyone… I’m new to the BUBBLE world and I created some solutions that allowed me to have fun and understand how it works a little.
But maybe now I’m going too far and I can’t understand how to perform more advanced functions.

I have a single button that I need to give this instruction to.


Basically I would like to increase point to the “POINT” field of the USER table for each user, for each value of “PRONE” in the PRONO table that is equal to the value of “W” in the MATCHES table

I don’t know if I’ve explained myself but I would like to create a score for each user who guesses the result of a match

Thank you

I made a small step forward… I managed to give the +1 score to CURRENT USER but I just can’t diversify the user to send the score

Does anyone have a suggestion for a tutorial to learn this type of path? Thank you

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