Create a list of elements using input (not ordinary repeating group)

Hi to all!
I am building a small applicant tracking system and stuck with the following question.
Is it possible somehow to create the list of skills using input?

It looks like this:

Hi a.v.krikunenko,

happy to help but not sure if I understand what you mean:
do you want to turn an input’s value eg if someone types into an input: SaaS, salesforce, Jira, CRM
into a list of texts e.g. SaaS becomes item 1, salesforce becomes item 2, Jira becomes item 3 of that list?

best regards

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I understand how to create a list of things, but the question is how to show them in this manner:

  1. as you see - every item has its own width (“SQL” in the bottom is short, “Information technology” is wide).
  2. the data collects automatically every time user clicks the checkbox button. The list of items shown left-to-right and top-to-down. Whan there is lack of space for a new item, it transfers to the next line.
  3. In every item it is grouped with trash-icon (allows User to remover the Item).

Really hope thet there are any plugins or same topicks already discussed))))))

For starters you can check out the multi select dropdown plugin by bubble.
Unfortunately it is not perfect for your use-case of updating the list through use of an input though as the trash icon cannot be “programmed”.

Generally, making repeating group cells change their width/height according to length of text is unfortunately not possible on bubble.

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