Create a native mobile app from Bubble in < 5min, for free

yes you can download a build to your phone directly from Thunkable in a few minutes without any setup on the App Store → Get Henry | Henry Bubble native wrapper

This will behave exactly the same as after publication in the appstore. (note: Push notifications on iOS and in-app.purchases won’t work on the test app. For that you will need to send a build to AppStore connect and download the app via testflight.)

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Thank you. Very detailed process. :+1:

I see new plugin updates but couldn’t find the documentations for how to use the new features?

Also, I have the same problem when switching to the app again, it shows a blank page. Can there any solution to this?

all the new features are covered in the main documentation Documentation | Henry Bubble native wrapper

Thanks, i will look into the blank page issue. (@jared.gibb any ideas on why the webview blanks out and what to do against it?)

Thanks, maybe only set full screen workflow action. all covered nonetheless :+1:

I have a question about locking device orientation to portrait mode only. How can i do this?

Many thanks :grinning:

gotcha, full screen is covered under ‘Adjust the status bar and iPhone Notch Area’

Locking orientation: You can adjust this directly in thunkalbe: see bottom right. is that what you are looking for?

Sorry, when exactly is it blanking out! We can likely address this!

When the app is idle in the background for a while and you switch back to the app its sometimes just blank and one has to fully close the app and restart it.
(not sure it matters, but just FYI - Henry is built using an StP project)

Need help!

I’m designing a chat interface. I have an issue where the Floating groups with an input inside doesn’t to stick to bottom when the ios keyboard appear.

Hey @moose :wave:
Is this a Henry specific issue or do you have the same issue when previewing in a normal browser? If its general, can you please post the question in a separate thread? Id like to keep this thread focussed on henry specific issues.

If you want you can DM me some screenshots of your problem (editor settings + how it looks in preview). based on the infos you provided above its hard to gauge the issue…


Hi @d9999! Can you explain how creating a mobile app using your platform would be different from creating a hybrid mobile app, which also cannot be used offline?

No difference. Apps created with henry are hybrid mobile apps as well.

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What is the advantage of your approach, purely from a no-code standpoint?

In summary: From a high-level perspective, it’s mainly a cost difference. If you compare Henry for example to BDK, Henry has very similar features. However, BDK has some minor features Henry does not yet have (e.g. deep linking) but comes at a higher price. Also, Henry is new and might still have some bugs we have not yet found. But both approaches have very similar features and use a webview to render your bubble app on the phone. So in summary, if you are a professional company and don’t care about a few hundred $$, go with BDK. If building apps is a hobby for you, Henry might be more than enough for what you need and is much cheaper.

In therms of architecture: Services like BDK are stand alone wrappers. I.e. BDK buildt and maintains their native code basis, while Henry uses Thunkable to do so. So as long as Thunkable exists, the code will be maintained with critical updates etc.

Hope this helps


Hey everyone! Cool project, I’ve been using BDK so far but I’m also very unhappy with the app going idle and then blanking the screen. When the user comes back into the app, it simply re-loads the last url, but it’s quite annoying to be honest since the app goes idle quite fast (they explained to me that the phone frees up performance capacity when you run multiple apps at the same time) and also from a UX perspective it’s annoying since users don’t know what’s going on and they are not used to that behaviour from other native apps and will likely just close the app completely since they think it crashed.
I was speaking with the BDK team about my concerns with that but they don’t seem to have any interest or capabilities to fix that (maybe i’ts also not fixable because of the webviewer?!) — but if you can get that right you’ll clearly have a USP for me :slight_smile: Any updates already?

Thanks! Looking into it with Thunkable! Will keep you posted!


Hi @d9999, thanks for your thoughtful response! I’m at the part of my project where if I don’t solve my problem, it comes to a screeching halt. Are you a Bubble expert also? I have a very technical Bubble question and really need to get it answered so I can move on to the hybrid app building phase.

Hi @d9999 , has this issue been resolved?

Hi, The app here seems not to allow any one to view: Henry-dev | Bubble Editor

thanks for the hint. should work now.