Create new page based on user input

Hi Fellow Bubblers,

My question is how can you create a web page based on user input.
For example, the user has 3 checkboxes for a photo, a video and text. If the user selects the checkboxes of the photo and text and clicks on the button “Create page”, a page is created with a photo and a text. See photos below.
How can you do that?


new webpage:

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hi olivia,
the way this works on bubble
go to data and create a new datatype called “page”
give fields to the datatype such as “photo” type image, “video” type file, “text” type text

then on your editor on top left create a new page called content. click on page options to make its content type “page” ie of the datatype you created.
onto that page drag a text, photo and video.
have their content type be page and source be “current pages page”

then on your initial page, where you click create page, go to that button to edit its workflow to say
"create a new thing - page with photo of picture uploaderrs input, text of inputs value and video of fileuploaders value (picture uploader, text, video have to be all dragged onto editor)

then in step 2 of the same workflow use “edit a things slug”, thing is result of step 1 and slug is inputs value

then in step 3 use “go to page” select as page the new page you created and as data to send "result of step 1.

whenever user clicks create page, they will create a new thing type page which is displayed on the page. the links become shareable.

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