Create a referral program for my landing page without using "current user" commands

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a referral program for my launch page. Since it is just a landing page, I don’t have a sign up system, I just have an “enter email input” for my wait list. Every person that joins the waitlist is a new “Founder” (data type).

So after each founder joins the wait list, a Founder ID string is created for that founder, then the navigation takes the user to a new page which receives that Founder ID as a “r” parameter on its URL. Now here is where I’m stuck:

I’m trying to create an app for students that will be available only in 5 colleges at first, so the referral system consists in a competition between different colleges, the 5 colleges with more votes will get access first to the app. I will provide the colleges options through a dropdown. I would need to know who voted for each college so the votes will probably have to be a list of founders.

How can I create this voting system workflow?

How can I identify the number of “recruited founders” (referred that joined the waitlist) for each founder?

Remember: I don’t have the sign up system implemented on my landing page so I can’t use any of the “current user” commands. However, I have created the Founder ID for each founder to identify them. I just don’t know how to build the workflows.

I would really appreciate any help!