Create a thing with nested repeating groups

Don’t know the best way to categorize this, and think this is easier than my brain is making it.

I have a database STORE, SLIDE, and ASSIGNED SLOTS…to simplify it. ASSIGNED SLOTS is a database that includes STORE - SLIDE.

Think of SLIDE as a grouping of items, and you want that grouping in some stores…not all. You also want the store to have multiple SLIDEs…multiple groupings of items.

In this viewer, I would like the user to click a button( Letter C) that adds a STORE - SLIDE to an entry in ASSIGNED SLOTS. STORE is in the repeating group (B) and SLIDE is in the repeating group (A) which has nested repeating groups.

It is easy to remove a store, since the other box is referencing ASSIGNED SLOTS. The other group is more difficult because it is a list of things not included.

Since the repeating group of STORE is a list of stores who do not have the slide, and ASSIGNED SLOTS has no record created, I am trying to find the command that references the parent cell’s index or SLIDE. Clicking the button should “Create a Thing” in ASSIGNED SLOTS that contains the STORE from this repeating group(Letter B), and the SLOT from the parent repeating group (Letter A).

I am having trouble finding the command to capture the SLIDE information, since the item to click is nested within another repeating group…Does this make sense?

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