Create a userbase to search users

How do you go about creating a page for searching users? I’ve seen some posts that say repeating group but I’ve also seen the search box. I would like like to make it so that a user can search for another user and then go to their profile.

Both work. It all depends on how you want to design it.

If you want the current user to see the user’s profile picture for example (along with other info), you should set it up as a repeating group.

If you just want the current user to select a user (by name), then you should use the search box. From there, you could have a button that, when clicked, takes you to the search box’s value’s profile OR you could use the “when an input changes” workflow to send the current user to the search box’s value’s profile as soon as they are selected.

Hope this helps,

Thanks a lot for that feedback.

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