Search > List of users is not "connected" to the users individual profile


Coming with not so much of code experience, but having general bubble understanding.

Currently using a purchased template for learning and hopefully building something great!

It’s about a social media like platform, Search page in particular where is the list of users; photo, name, connect/message, and finally the question is:

How to connect individual user’s profile url with profile showcase’s on the Search page?


Are you asking how to link to a user’s profile from the search results?

Yes! Well summarized!

Assuming that your profile pages have a dataype of USER, and that your search results are displayed in a repeating group with type USER, then use a workflow action to Navigate to the Profile Page, and send the User data from the search results current cell to the Profile page.

The last part can’t find, or perhaps have done work previously?

There is user, can’t find user’s Data, and then Search results current cell and eventually Profile page.!


You don’t want to send ‘Current User’ as that will be the user who is viewing your app.

You want to send the User that’s referenced in the Repeating Group’s cell where the workflow is triggered.

So Data to Send should be: Current Cell’s User

Here is the front end situation, where Parent group’s user’s full name is not clickable, it supposed to when “User profile full name” is clicked to navigate to the Users profile.
P.S. Search page only sign in users can reach.

And here is the workflow options can be seen:

So you’ll want to use Parent Group’s User as the data to send.

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Is there more of value contribution that I can share with you, beside the like and marked solution?