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I am trying to make a way for the current user to search for other users in the database, with the result being, each user is able to navigate to other users “profile” and view it without editing it. Any help would be massively appreciated. Please note I’m fairly new to bubble.

hi, i made an app that has profile pages, check out the editor

Really cool, but I don’t think it has the ability to search for specific people in the database then show their profile from there.

yeah i havent included a search interface but i do search for users & have profile navigation.

you can see this, just replace location with users.

Make sure your user data structure has a field for their name.

Have a profile page and make the page type of content ‘User’

On your search page - have a searchbox element.
In the searchbox click ‘define list of options’.
Select user and sort by name.

Now on your search page - go to the workflow tab and create an event for when an input element is changed and select the searchbox.
Then create an action ‘navigate to page’ and select the ‘profile page’ you created. And click data to send and select searchbox’s value.

Now you just need to populate the profile page with text boxes etc that are dynamic and show ‘current page user’s name’ or ‘current page user’s profile picture’, etc.

You can have elements on the profile page that are only visible if the current user is looking at their own profile (eg: an ‘EDIT PROFILE’ button). To do that click on an element and click the ‘conditional’ tab.

PS: if you don’t like the searchbox idea then you can use something else like a repeating group that is searching for users and that way in a repeating group you can display more than just their name - you can also display their profile picture, etc.

If those steps are too confusing to follow then let me know and i can do some screenshots.

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@funkyaeroplane I’m making a a hub for teachers, so the teachers are searching for students, students do not have a User account.

Students have their own data type, would I do the above steps and just replace user with student?

Oh okay. Yeah just replace user with student. The searchbox or repeating group will need to be searching for students. And if you have a page to display a student profile then you’ll need to define that page’s content as ‘student’, etc

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