Create account for someone and assign Temp Password

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Has anyone created and used the create an account for someone and assign a temp password for a user feature successfully.

I have been trying different approaches to this but no luck.

When you Assign a Temp Password to a user, how and where is this password set?
how does the user of which the account is being created for get the temp password to login?

You can go ahead and send them an email with the temp password, or, have them follow the “reset password” steps for your app.


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Bubble automatically keeps users passwords a ‘secret’ even from you the app developer. So you will not be able to verify this in the DB unless you are sending the email to yourself and seeing the temp password in the email.


So there is a way to do it, I set up an example for you to look at.



Want to learn more?

Hope that helps! :blush:


Thank you @Nocodify @boston85719 @J805 for your responses.

@J805 I totally missed it right in my face.
Awesome website :clap:

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Glad it helped! :blush:

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