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Assign a temp password to a user

I don’t currently have a business email so I can’t set up Bubble’s ‘forgot password’ function.

For now I am happy to reset users passwords manually if they forget. I read through Bubbles ‘how to’ here:

Assign a temp password to a user

It basically only says;

[Assign a temp password to a user] deletes the password of a user and assigns a temporary one. Text is returned by this action and can be used in upcoming workflows.

Within my admin, I set up a link next to each user called “new password”. Then, in that links workflow I selected Assign a temp password to a user and it does successfully delete the users password, but it doesn’t display any text? How do I get the temp password to give to the user?


You can get the value of temp password by next step action only.

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Thank you!