Create and reassign a thing from a checkbox choice

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Essentially I have a CRM and would like to give the Sales Manager the ability to ''bulk reassign" leads to one sales rep. I have created a checkbox that the Sales Manager can use to choose which leads he wants to reassign. The Leads are creating on a Repeating group element.

When the Sales rep checks the reassign button it creates a popup asking which sales rep the lead should be reassigned to:

I want to be able to do the following:

  1. Have the sales manager check the checkbox for all the leads he wants to reassign
  2. Create a list of all the leads he chose by checking the checkbox
  3. Activate the popup when he is done making ALL his choices and not just one.
  4. Trigger a workflow to make changes to the list of leads he chose reassigning the Sales rep to the one he chose in the popup.

I am struggling with how to create a list of the chose items. Is there a way to do this?

Hi there, @val1… one way to do what you described is to use a custom state. When the sales manager checks a box in the repeating group, use the An input’s value is changed workflow to add the current cell’s thing to a custom state of the same type and that’s configured to be a list. With the custom state storing a list of the selected things, you can use that list in a Make changes to a list of things workflow action to assign the sales rep to the things. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


@mikeloc thanks for responding!

I will look into the the input’s value changed workflow as I haven’t used that before but that makes sense and should be easy to figure out. Now to create the custom state, that is a bit more challenging. I have custom states already configured on the dashboard as tab elements but I will have to look into configuring them inside the repeating group itself for this?

You can add a custom state to any page or element, so I would probably add one to the repeating group itself and use it to store the list.

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ok I will give this a try thanks!

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I am stumped here on this custom state. So would I make an empty group element or repeating group element to add the leads to this?

So when they check the checkbox it activates the workflow to change the custom state to the new group element and then add that lead to the new element?

I think I also will need to add it as a list as well right? @mikeloc

Um, no, none of that. :slight_smile:

Add a custom state on the repeating group, make the custom state’s type the same as the type of things in the repeating group, and check the box to make the custom state a list. Then, when a checkbox in the repeating group is checked, use a workflow to set the state of the custom state to its current value plus the current cell’s thing only when the checkbox is checked. You would also have a similar workflow that removes the current cell’s thing from the custom state when a checkbox is unchecked.

If you want some help setting it up and you are comfortable sharing a link to your editor, send me a private message with a link.

I would create the new state in conditions on the repeating group and make it a list then right? Like this?

and new state to:


I’ve also set “only when” to when checkbox is checked

Then after the is done choosing leads, how would I know he is done to trigger the pop up to appear so he can choose what rep to reassign it to?

I believe the Value in your screenshot should be set to something like Repeating Group Lead's Reassign:plus item Current cell's Lead.

You tell me. How do you want the user to specify that they are done selecting leads? I’m guessing you would have a button or an icon near the repeating group, but I have no idea what you want your user experience to be.

ok so this is done.

We can try an icon I will choose one… so when they are done they should hit the icon and then that will trigger the pop up to choose the Sales rep.
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 2.10.36 PM

Cool… and then when the user picks a sales rep and clicks a button in the popup, you will run a workflow to make changes to a list of things, the list to change will be RepeatingGroup Lead's Reassign, and the change to make is to set a field to the selected sales rep. Oh, and you will want to clear the custom state and make sure the check boxes are no longer checked, too.

Not an option to choose that list…

You should be able to access the repeating group and its custom state from a popup. Is this particular popup a reusable element?

Yes should I recreate it and make it just a regular pop up? I will try that instead

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I made these changes as well.

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It might be helpful to have an element that displays the list so the user can see all the leads and then presses done. This way they can keep track of what they are reassigning. Also just a thought, reassigning leads happens when someone leaves and someone new starts so it might be helpful to let the user search the leads if rep 1 and assign them all to rep 2. A little off the point but just an idea.

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