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Create bulk workflow to save list of images from pexels to s3

I have uploaded a csv file with a column that has a list of image URLs. After doing some research, I understand I need to set up a bulk api workflow to save the image URLs to s3, how can I do that, I tried to create a custom event under workflow but failed - any tips/examples to follow ? @emmanuel @NigelG

This should explain it.

@NigelG - thank you for taking the time to respond, this is quite helpful. It is great to see you have compiled all these useful blocks on

In my case, the column is a list of urls not a single url, so I have to change the endpoint workflow to loop on each element and add it to ‘images_s3_list’ right ?

Yes, so you can loop on the loop (so the API workflow runs another workflow on the image list).

You can use the “Bulk” function in the data tab that way.

Well now I’m back…from outer space…

Wish I had followed my own advice here.

Seems that Chrome does not now like you displaying images on a site that are from another (it works fine on other browsers). Even if you save as an image in Bubble, the image is still hosted on the other site.

You need to Save as S3 !