Create Forms and Edit Forms Pages

I have some pages and pop ups with a form to create things. For example (create invoice or create customer).

My question is do I need to make separate pages and pop ups to make an item editable? So on my customer page with my list of invoices the button add new invoice displays a page to create it but if I click on the list can the same form open already populated?

I’m not following 100%, but yes you can edit everything from one page, and you can have forms already populated based on whatever data you have.

Just make sure your data is structured correctly and maybe look into how to use custom states.

I have an app with similar features and I stared by created separate pages for everything, then learned about, repeating groups, pop-ups, and states, and now it’s much easier and faster to use.

So I have a customer page to display invoices associated with that customer There is an Add new button that opens a new page and has a combination of input fields dropdowns and some calculations. Once the invoice is saved it saves the data and then goes back to the original customer page. The data is then displayed in the RG on the customer page where I can click and reopen the page but I want the data that was saved to then display already instead of reselecting all the fields.

I’m starting to understand except I got lost at the end. What data is saved (invoice data?) and what field are selected (the input fields?)

There’s a couple ways you could make this work. Try this:

Create a Pop-Up that has all the input fields from your “new page” that will show up when you click “Add New”. Without taking the user to a new page. Let’s name that pop-up “New Invoice”. Then on the bottom of the popup you can put a close button and save button. (I’ll assume you have those workflows down, just remember on close to add “reset inputs” if you want that temp data to be cleared". Make sure all the info is being captured to your database. I’ll assume that’s named “Invoice”

Either on your RG or Main Index create a custom state. Name that “Selected Invoice”, and put the data type as the former database “Invoice”. Leave default blank.

Then what I’d do is copy that “New Invoice” pop-up and name it “Edit Invoice”. Set the data source as the custom state we just created "RG’s Selected “Invoice”. Then on all the invoice fields you can either auto-bind to your database, or dynamically attach it in initial content "Current RG’s Selected’s Invoice’s… Input field, etc. Then if your info isn’t auto bound you’ll need to have the same Save or Back buttons.

Then in your RG put a button or area that on click would show this edit pop up with info. Once you click you’d start a workflow that would be something like this:

  • Set State - RG’s Selected Invoice > Current Cell’s Invoice
  • Show > Edit Invoice

That should do it.

I’d be happy to hop on a zoom or whatever and trouble shoot if you need. I hope that addressed your question.