Populating data in an edit form

I am displaying data in a card view and an edit icon. When they click the edit icon the workflow opens a data edit form but I can’t get the data to populate in the form.

Here’s what it looks like:

It should be showing the details for Asset_103 but instead it comes up blank.

Here’s what the workflow looks like:

Any ideas what I am doing wrong???

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i would change display data for set the state of the group to the editing records unique id, the on the edit form have auto binding on all fields, and set the fields initial data to be dosearchfor thatrecord with the constraint unique id = groups state.

The common denominator here is that all the fields having issues are dropdown or multidropdown populating options with from another list.

What is the initial content set to for those elements? Should be “Group dbo_assetinfornation’s [field]”

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I changed the Element to “Popup Edit Items” and it populates the data for the current cell if the dropdown is using static data. In my experimenting, I changed the “location” back to pulling the dynamic data and it now does not populate in the “Location” for the current record.

Guys I’m reading this thread and I just don’t understand anything :rofl: Is there some tutorial or step by step? How do I pass the identifier of the cell where the edit button is to the editing form? (My editing form is a pop up BTW).