EDIT button to Go To Page and prepopultae data

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I need Help Please.

So I have a page where I create an item with a description, price, details, etc. This is stored as the items get saved (*STEP 1), and works just fine.

Then on a seperate Page, I use a repeating list to pre populate (based on criteria) these saved items from the previous page where they were created and they are displayed. This too works fine.

What I want to do now (and just can’t get right) is to have an EDIT button on the Repeating List next to each item (I got this). If you click on Edit, it must take you back to *STEP 1 and populate all the already saved data. SO a workflow on the Edit button that almost goes:

  1. Go to Page: STEP 1’s page
  2. Do a search on the Current Cell’s Unique ID and populate the page with all information related to the uniqueID

I can then just do an update button on there.

How do I do this?

Hope this makes sense?


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Edit Button
When button is clicked > go to step 1’s page and add a parameter:

key = “item” (you can label this whatever you want)
value = current cell’s item’s unique id

This will pass the ID of the item to the page in the URL.

Step 1 Page
Put all the Step 1 inputs inside a group and set the group content type to Item (whatever the data type is).

Set the data source to equal the item identified in the URL. You can do this with “Get data from page url”. Click on the expression to open up a 2nd window where you can define the url parameter key you’re looking for.

Type in “item” or whatever you used in the above Go to Page action. Set the type of parameter to Item (your data type). Now the expression for the group’s data source will say “Get Item from page url”

Now, add default values and initial content values to all your inputs on the page. For example, a text input’s initial content = “Parent group’s item’s [field]”

So, when there is something in the URL, the group will have a data source, which will allow all inputs to pre-fill with a value. If not, then it won’t and everything will be blank like you have it now.

Let me know if this helps or if I can clarify.

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Hi Gaby

Don’t know if anyone has said this to you recently, BUT YOU"RE AN ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR!

Thank you!!! It works perfectly and does exactly what I wanted it to do. I’m struggling a bit to get Dropdown’s and Tickboxes to work at the moment and populate URL defined data, but sure I’ll figure it out eventually, The text fields etc. work precisely as I needed.

Thank you!
Have a great day further!