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Create List of 14 things

Please help I’m really stuck here. For at least a week i’ve been reading stuff on how to do this but I still can’t figure it out.

I’m building a meal planning app. When the app loads for the first time, the user’s default plan (which is a list of things and which would contain of his list of recipes in future ) is to be populated by dates (2 week plan). The list would have these dates untill the user decided to add a recipe to the plan, then those dates would have recipes. Note that the plan is a data type, with the date as field.

I know people have talked about API workflows, but all tutorials I’ve followed are either talking about scheduling and about running API workflows on existing lists. I’ve even heard about toolbox plugin, but I can’t figure it out. Please can someone be kind enough to give me specific instructions?

How do I poplulate this plan with dates.


not sure if I got you right, but you want to create a list of recipes (14) once if the user is created or do you want two create a list of recipes (7) and again another list of recipes 7 days later?

Or do you want to create recipes (14) every 14 days?

Many greetings.


Hi. I said 2 weeks plan. So I need to create a 14 dates at once(immediately the user logs in). If i know how to do this, i will be able to create other plans. Again, I need to populate the Plan data type with 14 date rows once the user logs on. This will allow him to update each row with a recipe.


you need to have an enumerating backend workflow. I did a small example when clicking on a button I will create 14 dates.

Workflow of the button (in your case sign-up button)

Backend Workflows

Result in the database

The number of iterations is your days (14) you can set whatever you want here.

Hope that helps.



Thanks a lot for your help. wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it has guided me to what I want. Thanks a lot.

Glad it helped :wink:

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