How to Create a list of things and increments Date (+day) multiple times

Hi guys,

I am trying to create an availability request for my app but I am stuck with this kind of workflow.

The user can submit his day off selecting a date, but I want the user to be able to repeat that availability for a X number of times, without having the user to change the date picker every time.

In my Example:

Date Off selected: Monday 4th May
Checkbox: make this a repeating request? is “yes”

Then the use can enter the input “number X” (for example 4)

so I want to create 4 things with the days off being:

Monday 4th
Monday 11th
Monday 18th
Monday 25th

How would be possible to achieve this kind of results?

Thank you in advance,

Might be possible with the API schedule a workflow on a list. Following