Create list of things and attach to another list of things 1 by 1

Hi, replied on this article but it’s probably too old.
I have a similar problem but don’t know how to solve it with 2 separate button data entry points.

There are 2 data types:

  1. ExpenseItem
  2. ApprovalProcess

There are 2 API workflows, 1 for creating ExpenseItems, and 1 for creating ApprovalProcess.
Normally a user would create multiple ExpenseItems first, then send for Approval.
At the moment I’m using the 2nd API workflow to create ONE ApprovalProcess for all ExpenseItems, how can I make it so the 2nd API workflow would create the same amount of ApprovalProcesses of the ExpenseItems, and attach them 1-by-1?
Much appreicated!

By the way, these 2 workflows are triggered by 2 separate popups.
That’s where I’m stuck, because they’re not in the same workflow so I cannot do the “result of step 1” thing.

You can find this in this in this tutorial: