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Create new event (date_start & date_end) in between other events. No overlap. Is it possible? (Link to editor)


So i have a list of events and I would like to allow the user to create other events in between the existing ones but without any overlap.
Please see the example here where I would like to add a new appointment between 12PM and 2PM. The user can decide the length of the event but CANNOT create it if it overlaps with any other events in that particular day. What woould be the smartes way to do this?
I am creating events from a popup (no directly in the calendar)

Link to editor:

Would it work to provide them with a list of options to choose from instead of waiting to see if their desired time is available?

Like, instead of selecting 1 PM and waiting for the system to do a check and see if I could even book during that time, what if I was presented with an array of potential available events times?

thats my last option :smiley: I wanted to do it more beautiful :slight_smile:

how would that formula sound if you were to do it that way?

I use this plugin to accomplish all of my scheduling things

No luck yet. Any smart ideas at how I could accomplish this?
Here is a screen shot of how the page looks:

Trying to fit an event from 12:00 to 13:00

@levon maybe you could give some tips?

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