Event Management - How to create events and new things

Hi All,

I need to create events. For example i would like to create an event on Monday 7th. I then need a list of attendance to be created. This list needs to be automatically created and automatically updated as people registered.

Then the next level of complexity is that I need them to be able to set the date e.g the 7th of may and then press a button that instructs the platform to create an event every Monday until the desired time and along side create a register.

I do not even now how to approach this - please can you advise and point me in the right direction.

Something like this?

This app, that I’ve made, let the users create events and invite people to these via their email addresses. Behind this, a list is created on the event with email addresses from a multiline input, which allows me to constrain the events that are visible, to only the users with email addresses in these lists.

If you are the owner of an event, you could remove and add people as well.

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for. The language of the app is in Swedish, so if you need help with any translation, just ask.

You need to create an account in order to make all the functions work properly:


This is a step in the right direction but not quite there.

My understanding of this offering is that I can only make one event at a time and I would need to invite people to them.

I need to create an event that is displayed in my app and then people can choose to register for it if they please rather than inviting them. The owner of the event then needs to receive notifications.

Can it do this?

The first part is fairly straight-forward. Create an event, and let anyone register as attendee. Save these users against the event and you’ll have your list.

The second part will need an API to create a recurring event that can run on every Monday or as per the schedule you would like. Once an event is created, users can register as attendee similar to the first part.

Hope this helps.



Hey Anil,

Thank you. I have found another thread which helps I have come up against new things that I need to learn. Know anything about custom events? Nothing is in my drop down and I do not know how to create an item i that dropp down.

Yup, custom events are workflows that you can define to do certain things and trigger them through other workflows based on certain conditions. Really useful in a lot of cases.

Hi Anil,

I found this on the forum. This is what i have used to get everything up and running. I am now working on the registration and I will work on your suggestion.

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