Create new group and add current user to it

I am creating a new Group and then trying to add that Group to List of Groups for the current user. My group gets created on Save, but nothing is added to my List of Groups for current user. My workflow looks right to me (but I’m new to Bubble) so it could definitely be wrong. Am I doing something wrong in the workflow? Or do I have my data set up wrong? Also, why can’t I manually add Groups to a User in the App Data interface?

Perhaps your security settings are not set correctly?

Adding in the data interface works like this:

  • Enter the user ID (default is e-mail) in the input field
  • if necessary, select the user that is suggested
  • Then click on "Add
  • Save
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Hi taylorhlabs,

Your workflow is right, it should work.
Are you sure that your are connected when this workflow is used (User is logged in) ?

To add manually a User in the Database Section you have to select an ID in the input box (just enter 1 and you will see all ids) and click to add. ID is the primary field of your Group object but you can change it by clicking on “Primary Fields” button (screenshot).

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Thanks for the detailed response. I wasn’t logged in when testing. Doh! Got it sorted now.