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Create New Thing - Making Multiples!


It seems that “Create new thing” is creating multiples even though the workflow is only running once… I’ve checked the workflows multiple times and it is only located in one workflow on the page and only executed once. Any other users experience these duplicates?

Not here.

not here. One thing that comes to mind is database trigger events. Got any of those?

That’s what I thought too! But I checked every single point in which this “Thing” is created and it just doesn’t add up.

Before you make a bug report, perhaps create a very very simple example within the same app. Then the same type of Thing. Then attached to the same event. Build it up from something that is working till you get to the point you’ve recreated the same function.

I’ll try to make a test example. It’s essentially a data type that carries data for users of a specific “type”. I’ll update tomorrow.

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Here is the workflow that is causing the issue:

Click Sign Up - checks validity of form, checks user type, triggers the correct sign up workflow:

User Type is Educator and Old enough? Trigger Educator Sign Up:


Assign the educator profile to the user that is signing up:

Any help with this would be amazing… I can’t figure out the issue and it isn’t consistent across all sign ups.’

EDIT: No back end workflows are triggering to create an “Educator” at any moment. Only other times that an Educator can be created is if a user clicks a very specific button elsewhere in the app or an admin clicks a very specific button elsewhere in the app. Those are the only 3 actions in the entire app that trigger “Create a new Educator”

Could you share your editor’s link?
It will be easier to identify the problem looking deeper into your workflows…

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