Create Ordered List in Initial Content

How do I make this format spit out as an ordered list? I’ve tried adding
but it doesn’t work.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 11.09.01 AM

Hey Cait,

I’m new to Bubble so this may be off. Could you create a Repeating Group that shows that information? You could place a small text box within each cell in the repeating group that displays the current cells index # to show an ordered list of each items to do.

No, this is for creating new content. I’ve at least figured out how to do line breaks between each one now which is helpful. Here’s a look at the other side- essentially people will be able to create a list of templates and I want them to be able to call that content into an input and customize it.

So they’re making selections in the Selectize box and it’s autofilling the RichTextInput- I just want the autofilled text to be a numbered list automatically in a perfect world.