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New Plugin - Convert numbers to text for alphabetical ordering

Hi everyone,

I just built a little plugin this morning to ease alphabetical ordering in Bubble.

Here’s a Demo: Plugin to Convert Number to Text: Demo
Try it on the Editor: Blur-apps-playground | Bubble Editor

I came across a Forum question regarding this not too long ago: Repeating Group List Cells
and I also needed this on a recent project - so I thought building a plugin could help the community.

The problem:
Numerical ordering within a Repeating Group can be done using current cell's index.
But if a Repeating Group needs alphabetical numbering (A, B, C, D… instead of 1, 2, 3, 4…) - it isn’t as easy.

The solution:
An alphabetical index can be generated from the numerical index with some Javascript. That’s what this Plugin does. It takes in a numerical value and returns an alphabetical value corresponding to it.


  • 1 becomes A
  • 26 becomes Z
  • 27 becomes AA
    and so on.

Using the Plugin:

To use this plugin, install it and look for the Number2Text element in your ‘Visual Elements’ panel on the the Bubble Editor’s Design Tab.

Drag this into your Bubble App. Now go to the properties of this element. You will see 2 input fields:

  • Input Number
  • Default Result

Input Number should take the value of the number that you want to convert to Text. This is a dynamic data field. This field expects an integer value greater than 0.

Default Result should be a text value. This will be the result in case the input number’s value is invalid.

Using the Plugin with Repeating Groups:

Drag the Number2Text element into your Repeating Group’s so that it appears on each cell. Now, open the properties of this Number2Text element and set the Input Number’s value as current cell’s index. This Number2T
ext element will be named something like ‘Number2TextA’.

In the same Repeating Group, also create a text field and set it’s text value to ‘Number2TextA’s alphabet’. This will assign an alphabet value to your text field based on the index of each cell.

Use it similarly with any other element containing a text field - including Text, Buttons, etc.

Ranjit | Founder, Blur Apps

PS: I also consult with Bubble dev. So PM me if you’re having trouble building your Bubble App we could have a quick call to sort it out :slight_smile: