Create random code

Hi everyone,

I need to create promo codes for users, which change every week (only a part of the code).

So let’s say Bob has the code AZERK8V3 during week 1, he would need to be assigned a new code in week 2, let’s say AZERLC09. So that when a user uses Bob’s code AZERK8V3 it works in week 1 but no longer in week 2, because the code has changed, we now need to enter the code AZERLC09 to support Bob.

Do you know how to do this? For the moment I have fixed codes that I check in my database.

Thanks for your help !

What you look for is scheduling backend workflows. You can do at certain times (like sunday midnight) to regenerate a code for every user (or some certain users).

Check this for more details: Scheduling API workflows | Bubble Docs