New Recurring Event vs. New API Workflow

Hey there,

I want to set up a workflow that checks a list of voucher codes every day. If their expiry date is in the past (i.e. yesterday) it should change them to Expired (which I have in an option set)

Is it best to do this as an API workflow, or recurring event? Any other guidance appreciated!

My 2 cents, API workflow that reschedules itself. Been on here for a long time and I haven’t ever used recurring event. Using the API workflow, the best part is you can see when your next one will run. See my image below – I do something similar to you.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 11.27.01 AM

The one thing to remember is you have to “fire it off” – So I created a button on a blank page that did the initial scheduling of the API workflow.

Here is what my workflow looks like :slight_smile:

Been working like a charm - And I wake up to cleaned records :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thanks for the quick reply ! I’m not sure I’ve set this up correctly…

Also, with the button to ‘fire it off’, I’ve added a button and then run into probs when I select schedule API… I don’t know what I should put for the voucherStatus (where I’ve typed question marks!!)

Hmm without knowing the entire context of the app, I’m not quite sure about whether it is set up correctly (in regards to it pulling the right vouchers to expire).

As for the voucherStatus, I noticed the type in the API workflow is “Voucher” instead of “Voucher Status”. Perhaps that’s why you’re having trouble finding it.

Perhaps someone else could jump in and assist. Bubble is my part time job :wink:


How do you trigger the api workflow?

Is it possible to do use this without being logged in?