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Is it okay to create Stripe charges without creating customers?

I see the Stripe plugin doesn’t have an action to create a customer. I know I can do it through the API Connector, but would rather not if there’s not much benefit.

So my question is: would creating charges without creating customers come back to haunt me someday?


Hi @philnauta - are you using the Bubble created Stripe plugin or CoBubble’s Stripe.js plugin? (the Stripe.js plugin does have create-a-customer).

I use the Stripe.js plugin and if I recall correctly, I was getting Stripe errors with the Stripe.js plugin when I didn’t setup the create-a-customer workflow correctly. I’d guess you’d get errors with Bubble’s Stripe plugin too.

In general, creating charges without creating a customer seems like a bad solution IMO (ie how do you do a refund if you don’t know the customer?). Seems like it will come back to haunt you.

Thanks @nikolai, I didn’t like CoBubble’s plugin, so I’m trying the native Stripe plugin, but it doesn’t have a create a customer action.

Actually, I’ve now run a couple of tests and it turns out the native Stripe plugin does create a customer when you run the ‘charge the current user’ action, the only issue being that a new customer is created with every charge, even when it’s the same user, i.e. in Stripe, you’ll end up with multiple customers with the same email address.

If anyone else comes across this thread, do you see a problem with this?

Hey @alexsstockton, I don’t want to take too much of your time, but it seems we’re both playing with the native Stripe plugin right now. Have you considered the issue I brought up in this thread?

Long story short:

Hi! Heres everything I have done, without using any type of plugin, only API Connector

Create a customer on a seller account, and get back the customer ID
Create a Plan on a seller account, and get back the ID
Create a Product on a seller account and get the ID

I used the native plugin to do the following:
Set up a standard seller account on my platform, and retrieve the sellers ID

The only thing I’m having trouble with is actually charging a customer. It appears that I have to use stripe checkout, which I think is a java script implementation. Im going to see if I can use the JS plugin for this, because I definitely cannot do it with the platform method, using the default bubble plugin.

I’m creating the customer before I charge them, so shouldn’t run into the duplicate customer problem.
Everything I’m doing is based around processing subscriptions on behalf of my sellers, and thats my headache.

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Even though this is an old thread, thought I’d post here for everyone’s sake:

When you ‘charge the current customer’ using the plugin action, bubble adds some fields to the user that you cannot see in your data things ‘user’ table. If you dynamically look up current user for example, you will see some additional stripe fields. One of these fields is the ‘strip customer Id’

So you don’t need to create a new customer

We just updated our plugin to include a similar experience with the V2 checkout, except for without actually creating a customer :wink: