Create subdomains with clone pages different content slightly

Hey guys,

So I want to provide the following option:
Signup form… do you have a website? Type the address here: __________
Don’t have a website and want to create one? Check this box.
(After box is checked it will show an input for subdomain name)
_______.mymaindomain.tld Please type your name (prepopulated with business names - removing spaces if the name is made of more than one word).

  1. How can I automatically create subdomains like this?
  2. How can I clone the business listing content
    2.1. but remove certain data such as sign-up/login (or the header entirely);
    2.2. replace some elements from the main/cloned page with some new ones.
  3. Get the custom URL checked if it’s valid, not used by anyone else, or forbidden words) and displayed to the user like: Congrats your BusinessName.mymaindomain.tld is ready.

All this to be made automatically.

Basically, I will be crating a website with the already populated data for that business listing: name, cover photo, logo, etc, but remove booking elements from within and display only elements that would appear on a normal website?

Thank you!

L.E. I guess I can make the page with whatever content I want and assign it to the subdomain. But how to assign it to the domain?

I don’t think you can do the subdomain creation automatically.

:frowning: that would be SUCH a cool feature :frowning:

@andrewgassen how to create a unique URL for a listing? So instead of to be I think that if I place it in ‘site’ data base instead of listing, it will be right?
thank you!

that would be a subdirectory, not a subdomain, and I think you could do this. however…and l’m no expert…but I think that the subdirectory would be indexed as part of your site, and not a standalone site, if that is what you want.

Hey @mvandrei,

I’m interested to be able to create automatically subdomains at scale. I can see your post is from Oct '17. Meanwhile, do you know if it’s now doable in Bubble?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

hey, yes!
I made a tutorial, can’t find it right now lol, will search for it.
L.E.: found it: Create subdomains on bubble app. Yes, it's possible
Use that and you’ll be able to do whatever you want. But keep in mind that you need to host your domain on cPanel (or other hosts with control panels, I made it work on cPanel), point A records to bubble, and use wildcard subdomains.

@Bubble could make the domain management more complexe, as in, with more options.


Pretty neat, thank you @mvandrei !

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You can do this automatically by using clear alias and godaddy/namecheap API.

Godaddy/namecheap api to automatically add cnames to your dns settings.

Clear alias to mask the domains

Get data from url action to pull the sub domain and show dynamic pages for something like white label.

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Just saw your reply right after buying a domain name to a service provider that does not have such DNS settings API.

So before making a domain transfer to GoDaddy I’m going to try the manual solution above.

I wouldn’t go godaddy realized they maxed out. A cpanel is the way to go