Custom free domain for your customers

Hey guys,

I will provide listings.
And behind each listing will be a business.
Since everything now is dynamic, and the listing already has business hours, business logo, location/google maps, a header picture… we can use this to create a website like a landing page.
The unfortunate situation is that bubble doesn’t provide more than 1 subdomain, even if you have your own domain.
So I was thinking of creating a URL like this:
get the ‘businessname’ from the url into a new database that will (don’t know yet how) communicate with cPanel and create (probably via cron job?) a subdomain with that ‘businessname’
next step will be to redirect (again automatically via cronjob?) subdomain.domain.tld to bubble’s free subdomain like mybubbleappsubdomain.bubblesdomain.tld/site/businessname (or just buy a different domain and host it with bubble).
NOT redirect, we need to load on that subdomain, the URL in iFrame. Can we do that automatically, with a script? LIke when the subdomain is generated, a page will also be generated with iFrame and the URL will automatically be populated with the mybubbleappsubdomain.bubblesdomain.tld/site/businessname URL taken from bubble’s db or a google spread sheet? So if it modifies, it will modify it live fo the subdomain.
Since we are hosting the main domain on cPanel we will make an iFrame (any other better suggestions?) that will load “mybubbleappsubdomain.bubblesdomain.tld/site/businessname” in a full mode without any border from iFrame.

So the user will end up on mybubbleappsubdomain.bubblesdomain.tld/site/businessname when accessing businessname.domain.tld

Waiting your replies! :slight_smile: