Create team tool for soccer league

I built an excel spread sheet with some macros that allowed my son’s soccer coach to easily fill out the game sheets for the teams and send emails to the parents letting them know where and when their kid’s game was that week.

I was asked to expand this so that all the teams in the league could use it. The league would provide the schedule in a spreadsheet with division, date, teams & location. Each coach would need to setup their teams and enter their roster, then have that information saved to be accessed each week.

I am not a developer and since I have never used Bubble before I think this is a beyond my ability.
Where do I find someone to help me build this?

I would be happy to send you the excel file so you can see what I have built and how it needs expanding.

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I’d be more than happy to help. Lifelong Arsenal fan, football enthusiast. DM me!

Thanks so much Liam,
how can I send you my excel to give you an idea of what I am starting from?

I won’t hold the Aresenal thing against you.

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If you message me on here, I’ll give you my email address! :grinning:

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hi Liam,
You can email me at and we can take it from there.

did you get my message?

Hi Liam, I never heard back from. Are you still intersted?