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Dynamic URL from repeating group item


I want to provide my users a link to an item in a repeating group that they have found in a search so that they can copy and share it with their friends. What is the best way to do this?

I Think you cant create a link to scroll to a specific item of a Repeating Group, but you can filter your repeating group using “get from URL” value and at URL value you can pass the unique id of item. So the repeating group will show only that specific item of your database.

Best Bubble Dev got the video on that. If this is what you’re looking for don’t forget to like & subscribe :sunglasses:

You’ll need to create a workflow like this:

When clicked:
Go to product page
Send data: current cells product

And it’s done!

This is actually precisely what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

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Thanks for the reply. Could you be a bit more specific? How will that work with a URL? Basically, when someone click on the link on the internet (anywhere, in forums, blogs etc) he should automatically end up with the product without having to login or signup first.

Thank you, dear!

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