How to hyperlink to a specific record in Repeating Group?

Set Up

I have a one cell repeating group. Users click Next to view the next item.


I want to link to a specific item from Google Adwords/links in emails, and then have the next item show as usual when User clicks Next.

I’m creating the link with a parameter eg. ?item=blueitem but I don’t know how to get the repeating group to display this as the first item seen but also to still display all other items as usual when User clicks Next.

Things I’m trying:

1.Currently I’m trying a conditional on the RG with:

If parameter ?item is not empty, data source = same as usual but sorting changes to sort by … [unknown].

  1. I’ve tried using the dynamic sort field option but the reference guide says this is something to do with sorting by fields on the page that the User selects and when tried it has no effect anyway.

  2. Existing sort fields like unique id (not that I’d want that in the url) and item name don’t work.

  3. I’ve also tried data source: ranking to no effect.

  4. I’ve also tried data source: merging the usual data source with just the item that matches the link parameter and sorting by the name parameter and this does not work either. And unique id is not available as a sort field.

I’m sure this is simple. How do I get it to work?

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One solution. Add a workflow that runs when there’s a particular URL parameter that isn’t empty (e.g., if “id” is not empty). Add an action for that workflow that scrolls to the corresponding entry within the repeating group (go to “Element Actions” and then select “Scroll to Entry” and then set the entry equal to the URL’s value for “id”).

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Thanks heaps! Although I can’t use Scroll to Entry on a Fixed cell Repeating Group, your answer got me thinking about just using ‘not empty’ as the query workflow event and thinking about not trying to use sorting and instead taking the User directly to the entry.

This got me to the successful point where I am now using:
When query not empty, search for data source where unique id = unique id in the query MERGED WITH normal data source.

Works perfectly. Just now working out if I can not show the unique id in the URL and instead show sometime more simple from the same record but no big deal if can’t as it works as is.

Thanks so much for taking the time to kickstart my thinking process.

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