Save Data without saving its Creator

Does anyone know how I would save data to the database without saving its creator? I am trying to keep records data anonymous.

The user have to be logged out and Bubble doesn’t “see” the creator.

Only admin can see the database, do you need to hide creators’ of records from yourself?

Yes I need even the creators of record to be hidden from myself. I need other data saved to the user so I need the user to be logged in when I save the data that is ok for me to identify.

Not sure whether it is possible in Bubble. You need to test different approaches. What I would do:

  1. Create an API workflow that creates a thing.
  2. Add workflow which logs out the user and schedules the API workflow. So Bubble will create the thing with the logged out user.
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Thanks so much. This works great for my use case. Bummer I need to log the user out, but not the end of the world.