Creating a Audio to Soundwave Online Editor

Hi there,

I want to model this web app :

I talked with a developer and he said to use the following libraries to turn the audio into soundwave and customize it.

This is how I want my app to work :

  1. Turning Recording to Soundwave once the user uploaded or recorded it.

  2. In a live editor, user will be able to customize the shape of soundwave(width,length,height and etc), changing the color, uploading background-image and adding the additional text into the layer.

  3. Saving it as .png / .jpg file.

  4. Pushing the file into the Shopify Dashboard through REST APi.

I am not sure if it possible to do Step #1 & #2.

Do you think that a special plugin should be integrated into the Bubble for it? Or is there any way around for it?

Thank you!

You can do this if you’re ok with writing a little bit of javascript and learning about building your own plugin (easier than you think).

The easiest solution is skipping step 2 and just calling the Transloadit api directly. You let the user upload a sample, you call the api and return the image. For that you don’t need any coding at all.

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