Creating a Bar Graph Using Creation Date and Profit

I am trying to create a bar graph using Chart Element plug in. I want to show user the profit by date and the date is being pulled from the record creation date.

What is actually happening is because creation date has a Time Stamp to it, it is putting the exact day and time together rather than grouping the dates on the same together. You can see that in the Chart below.

Also why are my labels on the left not showing up in currency formatting?

Thank you!

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@dropshiptyler1 Use the :group by function to “group” your records by day. If you set the interval to 1, then all records within the same day (even if different times) will be considered 1 group. The chart would then render bars for each group.

Make sure to add an Aggregation within the :group by function to Sum by Profit so that the chart can use that sum value.

Hope this helps!

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Yeah I found your other post that you helped someone with the exact same issue. I didn’t have aggregation clicked previously, thanks!

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Hi there!
I am also trying to create bar and pie charts using the the Chart Element Plug in.
When I click the drop down to select “Type of Data”, I only get my databases to choose from.

I don’t have the option to choose “Grouping” function as explained in this post and a previous post by you. Can you please shed some light on what I am doing wrong?

Hi @marnusm, welcome to Bubble!

Yes, you’ll want to first select the type of data you want to group, so if you’re grouping users, then you’d need to select User first.

Then, in data source (the field right below the one highlighted in your screenshot), you’ll be able to search your database (i.e. Search for Users) and apply the :group by function right after it.

Like this:

Got it! Thanks a million!

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