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Creating a block where it 'dynamically' populates the unique user ID based on the user logged in?

Hi Folks

Is there any way to create a block in blockspring to be used in bubble where the block ‘dynamically’ populates the user ID based on the user logged in?

So that the query may look like this

WHERE A CONTAINS ‘Unique ID of current user’

Or in other words, is it possible to create dynamic queries based on the user logged in.

P.S. - Given that the google spreadsheet already contains this user’s ID along with many others. @NigelG @emmanuel, @georgeciobanu do you have any idea if this could work? Thanks mate.


You can certainly insert bubble data into he Blockspring Query block.

Odd that it doesn’t work on userid for you, maybe there is a mismatch on data type ?

Thanks for your reply Nigel

So you mean to say that if I create a query like this,

WHERE A CONTAINS ‘Unique ID of current user’

and use that as dynamic data source in bubble using the blockspring API, each time a unique user logs in, the query will be automatically populated with the unique ID of the users who are logged in?

So what I am trying to say is that, in tha case the query itself will be dynamic based on the user logged in?

Sorry, I am a noob at al this.

Actually I tried this but it didn’t work (maybe the field didnt matched) , so I then manually pasted the unique ID and ran that query, it didn’t worked either. After that, I shortened the digits of the unique ID in the sheet and ran that query, it then worked. So that meant that there was some kind of number of digits issue, given that the unique id is pretty hefty.

After that I tried to create a dynamic query, using the user first name as the dynamic variable, that didn’t worked either. So does that mean that I have to hire a developer to create a custom block, which reads the bubble database for fields such as unique ID, username etc and thus allows to make dynamic queries based on the user logged in.

Sorry, this is the point I am really stuck at, and a reliable solution to this problem will decide whether I could create my app on bubble or not.


I created a dynamic query from a bubble input field, and that worked. So see no particular reason why a name or email would not also work.

The unique ID may be a restriction of some sort.

The alternative would be to import into a bubble table (via Blockspring ) rather than direct access to the sheet.

As it stands you can only have a single query block at any one time, so using a sheet as a "database " is currently limited.

Zed, the email should work as a unique way to identify users.

Help us understand, what is it you are trying to achieve with the query? If you can describe the user experience you have in mind, we might be able to better assist you.

Thanks @georgeciobanu and @NigelG

I am trying to create a financial benchmarking tool, which a typical small to medium business owner can use to stack up his financial KPI’s against the Industry standards. I have a collected database of more than 200 categories of industries collected over a period of last five to six years, which is the core database. However, we are also collecting and aggregating the new data and aggregating it in real time as well.

The key in this initiative is maintaining the anonymity of users data submission, hence using a unique id or identifier of some sort to relate to the database in the google sheets. Here is a rough diagram of the tool


Unique id is available for each user. If you need another one, check out the Blockspring random string generator.