Creating a calendar with slots


I am new to bubble and I am trying to make a dynamic calendar just like this one:

you can add appointment and the cell transit to a new state.

I have 2 problems:
a) I don’t know how to make date and time (the 2 combine) go to my pop up
b) I don’t know how to transit the state of the cell from ‘ADD’ to ‘BUSY’

Here are my 2 tries:

  1. With 1 repeating groups and several columns and rows
  2. With nested repeating groups, using option set four hours
None of them are working like I would like to…Someone can help me on this please?
Thanks a lot

I forgot to add a picture of my 2 tries :frowning:

None of them are good because I need date AND time to be responsive

Hello, and thanks for your post! Would you mind emailing our team at with some additional information on the trouble you’re having in your app so that we can best assist? I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to tell what’s going on from your post!

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Kevinrosamont, This might not be the best way to handle this but when I facing a similar issue, I wrote the values for date and time to data fields in the user table. I named them current_editng date and Current_editing time. When you save them to the table you can choose the format so one is just date and one is just time. So when someone clicked the add button these are sent to these fields for the current user. Then when looking to pull them into the popup you can pull them back out of the user table.

I hope this helps.

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Hello Eve, thanks for your answer. Which detail do I need to send to the support?
I have tried to give a picture of my problem. Also I gave access to the Bubble edit right? (I am quite new, so I am not 100% sure :grimacing: )

Thanks for the idea. If I can’t find a better way, I will go with yours :slight_smile:

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