Creating a drop down on hover and then select option from drop down

Hello, I am setting up a top-level menu using a repeating group. When the item in the repeating group is hovered, i want to show a drop down menu based on which menu item the user hovers over. For example, if they hover over button 1, I want to show the list of options associated with button 1, and so on. Each of these options associated with each menu option I have stored in a separate database. I thought I would set state to the current menu selection, and then select the right database using whatever they selected (this is still not hovering but it will be a good step forward). But I got stuck after I set state to the current menu selection, i.e., set “top menu selection” to button 1 value

Now how do I reference the button 1 associated database for the right drop down options, display it and capture the user’s choice? I looked at the prior threads on this forum but they don’t quite capture this. Is this too advanced for a newbie?

Many thanks!!