Creating a filter on a repeating group while typing

In a repeating group I am already filtering by custom states, a dropdown box, and a date picker.

I need to have one last search option that allows the user to type in a search box and if any field contains what the user is typing, the table filters as the user is typing each character.

This is very similar to the DataTables plug in search feature if anyone knows what I am referring to.



I implemented @romanmg’s technique using the Search & Autocorrect plugin.

What I don’t see how to implement is to show the full, unfiltered list when nothing is typed in the search field.

Is this doable?

Add a condition to the repeating group:

When input’s value is empty
– data source = unfiltered search
– this element is visible (checked)

Try that out :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the ticket. Thanks.


I can’t find data source = unfiltered search. I just joined your VIP membership.

By “unfiltered search” I meant “Do a search for some [Thing]” and do not add any constraints to it. You’ll see in your dynamic options to “Do a search”

Thanks for joining our VIP membership - happy to have you :slightly_smiling_face:!

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Hi @romanmg! Thank you for being such a helpful member of the Bubble community. I’m a little stuck on this and hoping you can help. For some reason, I can’t seem to make my search filter on RG work. I’ve tried both with the native bubble search and both fuzzy search plugins. I’m not getting results with any of them. My goal is to have a page displaying the full list of a certain data type and give users the option to filter this list through the search bar, with results updating in near-real time. I’m sure you need more info to be of help. I’ve watch your video and followed step by step but still nothing … I’m wondering if maybe there’s a bug? Any help would be so appreciated!

Great video!

Is there a way to show results while typing letters and not full words? Right now you have to type the full word for a result to show and most of the time its really slow so it would be great if it showed results depending on 1st letter or first 2-3 letters.

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I’m having this same problem… Would love to search any part of the word or email address or type in “” and see all my results of my users that used a gmail address.

Also, when typing in part of the first name I’d like to start seeing results in my RG…