Creating a forum using Bubble

Hello, I’m looking to create a forum for my users - I don’t really want to have to pay for and integrate with a third party, is there a Bubble template or plugin I can buy for this as a one-time purchase? Thank you!

Hi @debbie,

You can browse all Bubble templates here: Templates | Bubble

Even with a free Bubble template, you’ll still need to pay Bubble to host it. If you’re looking for a cheap way to host a forum, I’d recommend using Discourse (also what Bubble uses) and host it on a Digital Ocean droplet for $6/mo

Thank you @johnny! I just took a look and found a template that seems to do what I need, but can I merge it in with my existing Bubble app? It seems to be indicating I need to set up an entirely new app, but what I want to do is have this as part of the functionality within what I’ve already built.

Just found this Add template to existing app - Need help / App Organization - Bubble Forum so looks like I can :slight_smile:

No, you can’t. That’s like having two different houses and trying to say ‘well just merge them together’. It just doesn’t work. You can go group by group but you’ll find that workflows create errors, styles don’t match etc.

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In case it’s useful for other newbies like me - I took an approach to merging in a template that worked well and saved me loads of time. Here’s a quick summary below:

  1. Added the template to my Cove account (which creates a new app)
  2. Recreated the tables in the template EXACTLY
  3. Selected each page in the template I needed and copied it over to my existing app (which creates new pages)
  4. Removed stuff I didn’t need (for the forum, things like signing up and signing in as I already have that in my main app)
  5. Worked through the errors that were generated and tidied them up
  6. Sorted out the colours, fonts etc. to match my existing app

I had the whole thing done by the end of the day I started it…and I’ve only been using Bubble for a couple of months (and am a founder, not a developer), so on balance I’d say this was way easier than trying to build this from scratch myself.

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You might want to try the new function “Copy to another app”, it allows you to copy all elements including associated styles from one app to another. So, just create a new app using the template you bought. Next, right-click on 1 of the elements → Copy to another app. Lastly go to the target app and right-click → paste on one of the page there (maybe create a new page).

More info, Top and context menu options - Bubble Docs.